This is an assassination company we are hired for assassinations why because we make a lot of money from it

In the first picture is Shi which is japanese for death because he is a dragon, he is also my best friend he is 1573 years old he has a loving family as well as a kid who is now 987 years old he is still a little hatchling.

In the second picture is Umarekawari in japanese it means reincarnation which is fitting since he is a blacked flame phoenix a very rare bird, hard to find but he flew to me making me his owner I've had him for three years he tells me that he is 19 years old in his 4th life.

The third picture is Levi she is a leviathan I met at sea one day, she was hungry so she attacked my boat in the sea because I was moving from fargo to japan and I took my boat because I never used it before and I'm glad I did because if I didn't I wouldn't have met Levi. She didn't attack me because she felt I was different from other people and then we became friends. She is a single leviathan that is very nice to me, to other people maybe not but very nice to me and the other employees.

In the fourth pcture is Kaen which is japanese for flame because she is a kistune (japanese for fox and actual name)a mythical fox spirit, I found her when she was just a little pup she was badly hurt I don't know how and I don't plan to ask but I helped now she is a perfectly full grown healthy kistune as well as my partner.

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